Sunday, January 1, 2012


Thank you to everyone that came for the challenge. We had 14 people complete all 100 and other people that swam more than they have ever swum at one time. It was just nice to have a challenge on the last day of the year.

I am still compiling the results, but will post them here as soon as I can. This is just the preliminary list in alphabetical order.

100x100 group

1. Armstrong, Rob
2. Barney, Heather
3. Bell, Audrey
4. Duckworth, Rory
5. Horton, Cameron
6. Jensen, Erin
7. Smith, Mark
8. Stewart, Justin
9. W, Gary
10. Tim
11. Kyle
12. Chris

60x100 Group

1. Anderson, Justin
2. Cox, Emma
3. Huntsman, Heidi
4. N., Raj

5,000 group (some did 50x100 and some did 100x50)

1. Duckworth, Courtney
2. Graham, Jessica
3. Leggat, Heidi
4. Owen, Diane
5. Pomeroy, Miles
6. Rich, Tom

3,000 group (some did 50's and some did 100's)

1. Bowles, Marti
2. Losser, Travis
3. Topham, Shannon

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